Understanding The Client Eligibility Testing Process

We have a client eligibility testing process for most, but not all, of our clients. You must pass the eligibility testing to receive assignments from clients with this process. This article shows the full testing process.

Add Your Verticals to the Writer Questionnaire

Once you pass the Writer Training Checklist, you can add the topics you're interested in writing in.

You can select as many verticals as you want. Please note we may request samples in your selected verticals. You can change your selected verticals at any time.

A CopyPress Member Will Reach Out for Supporting Documents

When we have a need in one of your selected verticals, we will send an email requesting the documents needed before starting the testing process. Each client has different requirements, but you typically need to submit a writing sample in the vertical and sometimes your resume/CV. If your writing practical test was in the needed vertical, you won't need to submit another sample.

When clients request resumes, they typically want to see specific experience in the field. For example, a finance client will want either a writer with a finance background or a writer with extensive experience writing finance articles. A CopyPress member will review your resume before sending it to the client.

We require all applicants to submit a writing sample in the vertical. You will not need to submit a sample if your practical test was about the selected vertical. Samples can be published or original and should be at least 500 words. You can submit the sample in whatever format you prefer.

You Receive an Email for a Client Style Guide Test

If we approve your sample and resume, you can begin the testing process, which starts with a short style guide test. This assessment ensures you know the client's preferences in formatting and language. Most tests are around 10-15 questions, and you will receive a training deck that you can reference at anytime.

There's usually no time limit to start or complete the test, so you can finish it on your own time.

You can take the test as many times as you need to pass it, but we do consider the number of attempts during the review. Typically, 3+ attempts will disqualify you from the eligibility process.

You Receive an Email for a Client Sample Writing Test

If you pass the client style guide, we assign a paid writing test. You have one attempt to pass the test, which is pass/fail. There is no round of edits, and the content will not be published.

We consider the following factors when grading tests:

  • Formatting
  • Style guide/client preferences
  • Image and linking placement
  • Spelling/grammar
  • Facts and details

Creating content with accurate facts and engaging details is most important. We will accept some formatting and style guide errors so long as the content shows your authority on the topic. You can find examples of content the client likes in the style guide, so take the time to review at least one example before getting started.

Once we grade your test, you will receive an email with the results. If you pass, we will add a client-certified tag to your account and inform the project managers that you're eligible for work. If you fail, you cannot take the test again, but you can still test with other clients. Make note of any comments we add to improve your process.

It may take some time to receive your first assignments as we send tasks in batches.

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