Understanding a Project's Style Guide

CopyPress uses Style Guides to help creatives better understand the expectations and requirements of an assignment. It is important that you read through the Style Guide before you start working on an assignment.

Remember: Every campaign has a different Style Guide. Make sure you read it and understand all the requirements before you begin working on an assignment.

Who Uses the Style Guide?

Everyone involved with an assignment needs to have a complete understanding of the Style Guide. The Style Guide outlines all the requirements of a campaign, which includes each individual assignment. Everyone working on an assignment needs to read and understand the Style Guide. Thich includes the:

  • Writer
  • Editor
  • Influencer
  • QA
  • Project Manager

Where is the Style Guide?

You can access an assignment's Style Guide by clicking the "Assignment Brief" icon on the right panel in the Assignment Window.

The Style Guide is the second window next to "Instructions."

Make sure to scroll through the entire Style Guide so that you are clear about everything that is expected of you for the specific assignment.

If you ever have questions about the Style Guide, you should email your project manager directly. Their email address can be found under the Assignment Instructions. 

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