How To Get Client Certified

We offer client certifications that show you have the foundational knowledge to write, edit, or QA articles for specific client campaigns. This article details what client certifications are and how you can earn them.

What Are CopyPress Client Certifications?

Client certifications are credentials you can get to increase your ability to receive assignments from different clients. Project managers may give preference to those who have been certified to work for a client. To earn a certification, you'll need to review the training materials, then take a short test. Writers, editors, and QA members can all earn client certifications.

Some client certifications are specifically for writers, editors, or QA members, while others apply across all roles. For example, the "SearchLab Training: Client & Style Guide Basics" test is open for all roles. A test called "Bloom Training: Writer Basics" would be for writers only.

You can view tests that are available to you here.

How Do Client Certifications Work?

Client certifications show you know the basics about the client and their preferences. Before testing for a certification, you'll review training materials on the client, such as their purpose, linking and image requirements, tone and style, and more. You'll have access to these training materials during and after the test, meaning you can refresh yourself on the basics anytime. 

How To Get Certified

1. On your dashboard, click on the "Training" tab on the left-hand side of the page, then click on "Training Tests."

2. The training test list will include all of the tests you're eligible to take. Click on the test you want to take.

3. A pop-up will appear that will guide you through the testing process. The pop-up also includes the training materials. You can take the test as many times as you need.

4. Once you pass the test, you'll receive a tag on your account that Project Managers can search for. You won't be able to see the tag. Instead, you can see all of your test results in the "Test Submissions" tab under "Training."


What if I don't want to take the certification test?

You don't have to get certified if you're not interested. Project Managers may give preference to community members who have been certified, but they could also invite members who did not earn the certification. However, we highly recommend getting certified to increase your chances of receiving assignments.

Do I have to get certified for all clients?

You can choose whatever certifications you want. Getting certified to work for more clients could increase your chances of receiving assignment invitations. 

Who can take the tests?

Writers, editors, and QA members can take client certification tests. Some certification tests are specific to just writers, editors, or QA members. You'll be able to see any test available to you in the "Training Tests" tab.
If a test is open for all roles, you only need to pass it once to get the certification for all roles you have in Dante.

When will the certification tests be available? 

We're continually adding new certification tests for our clients. You can take the test as soon as you see it in your Training Tests tab. We will send an email as soon as a new test is available. 

Will I get paid more per assignment if I'm certified?

We're not offering additional pay for getting certified at this time. However, getting certified can increase your chances of receiving an assignment.

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