How SME Assignments Work

We have several SME offerings:

  • Outline: Write easy-to-read, factually accurate, high-quality article outlines that writers can use to create content.
  • Review: Review article content for factual accuracy.
  • Review previously written work: Review previously written articles for factual accuracy. If you review optimizations, we also ask that you suggest additions/changes at the first stage and then review the content after the writer optimizes it.
  • Interview: Submit ideas for new marketing articles based on industry trends.
  • Ideation: Answer interview answers in writing for article quotes.

Each offering will have a different workflow, but one common one looks like: 

SME Outline --> Writing --> SME Review --> Editing --> Final Approval

This article outlines the above process.

1. You Receive a Task Invite

You will receive an email and a Dante message when you get a task invitation. You can view your task invitations on the main Dante page. When you click on the "Task Invite" tab, you will be taken to a new page to view the details. 

2. Accept or Decline the Invitation

Once you review the assignment details, including the description, due dates, and pay, you can accept or decline the invitation. If you accept, the assignment will appear in your Content Tasks when it's time to get started. If you decline, you will be prompted to give a reason for declining. 

You typically have 24 hours to accept or decline an invitation.

3. Review the Instructions and Style Guide

Before you start a task, it's important to review the style guide and instructions. Look for any specific directions for SMEs, including details or resources you may need to include. The style guide contains valuable information about the client that can help you create a targeted outline.

4. Create and Submit the Outline

Complete your outline in the content box. 

You can submit your outline once you're finished.

5. Review the Written Content

A writer will use your outline to create the article. 

Once the writer completes the article, you will review their content for factual accuracy. The task will appear in your Content Tasks tab. You can make small changes to adjust the content for accuracy if needed, but if large sections need to be revised, you will need to send an edit request back to the writer.

Please make all comments and changes in Dante. Copying/pasting your work from another word processor will affect the formatting. You can see more about our commenting feature here

If the writer's content is satisfactory, you can submit the article to the editing stage.

6. Complete Edit Requests

You may receive an edit request from the editor, QA, project manager, or client if more content is needed or revisions for accuracy need to be made. Complete edit requests as quickly as possible and resubmit the content once you're done. 

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