How Much Can You Earn as a Writer?

Disclaimer: Because we have hundreds of clients across dozens of different industries, our pricing is custom to the specific project. In turn, this flexibility affords us the option to offer custom rates in our assignment offers to writers.

CopyPress writers have the potential to make a legitimate living working in our community. Once you complete your onboarding, you'll enter into a trial period in which we will test your capabilities across some of our lower-level clients. This trial period allows us to see your writing skills, how well you work with our team, and how you handle feedback or revision requests.

On average, our writers earn .06 per word for most standardized work. However, depending on the specific project and the amount of research and specialization required to properly write the content, you could see pricing above .10 per word. Additionally, pricing may fall below .06 per word for some of our easier, less-intensive projects.

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