CopyPress Communication Tone Code

CopyPress is committed to fostering professional communication among all Creatives and internal employees. We expect you to follow these communication guidelines when working with CopyPress.

Communication Tone

We expect all Creatives to use professional language when communicating with others. All feedback and comments to otehr Creatives should be straightforward and constructive. Overly negative or argumentative language will not be tolerated and may result in a warning.

Where and How To Communicate

Here's where and how you should communicate with others:

In Assignments

All communication with other Creatives, including writers and editors, should take place in the comment section of the assignment.

With Digital Content Managers

Communicate all concerns about a task or other Creative directly to the DCM listed on the assignment. Do not leave unprofessional comments about another Creative's work in the assignment.

You can also email the DCM if you have a question about the task or if you think you'll miss the deadline to submit the task.

Please try to give the DCM at least 12 hours' notice if you cannot submit the assignment on time.

With Community

Email with all general questions about Dante and CopyPress. You can also email Community if you're seeking more work. Please refrain from contacting DCMs for more work; Community will communicate with all DCMs regarding your availability.

With the Payments Team

Email with all payment questions.

Communication Timelines

Prompt communication is key to building and maintaining a positive relationship with CopyPress. Please contact the appropriate party as soon as possible to get a quick response. CopyPress employees are committed to responding to inquires promptly and notifying Creatives of any updates or changes to work.

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