Subject Matter Expert FAQs

Do you have any questions about being an SME at CopyPress? View these FAQs to find an answer!

What kind of SME work is available?

We have several SME offerings: 

  • Outline: Write easy-to-read, factually accurate, high-quality outlines that have proper spelling, grammar, and structure. Once you submit an outline, a writer will create an article based on it.
  • Review content after writing an outline: Review the writer's work to ensure the facts are accurate.
  • Review previously written work: Review previously written articles for factual accuracy. In some cases, you'll do a first review to make suggestions, then complete a second review after a writer implements your suggestions.
  • Ideation: Submit ideas for new marketing articles based on industry trends.
  • Interview: Answer interview answers in writing for article quotes.

How do I get work?

Our project managers will send you emails with assignment invitations. They check our internal system for SMEs who match their content needs, then invite the right SME to complete the task. The invite will appear in Task Invites in Dante SMEs have the option to accept or decline the task. If they accept, the task will move from Task Invites to Content Tasks. If they decline, they will be prompted to select a reason for rejecting the task. 

Why can't I see the task? 

If you accepted a task but it isn't in your Content Tasks queue, it likely means the task is upcoming. This happens when the article is in another workflow stage, like writing or editing. You can find upcoming tasks by clicking on Content Tasks --> Advanced Filters --> Task Status --> Upcoming. You will receive an email when the task is ready for you.

How do I make comments?

You make inline comments by highlighting the text you want to comment on and clicking the speech bubble in the toolbar. You can make general comments by typing your comment at the bottom of the comment box on the right-hand side. Please use the commenting feature for all article communication. You can read a more in-depth article on the commenting feature here.

What do I need to do when I review work?

For reviews, all you need to focus on is the factual accuracy of the content- no writing or proofreading is required! You can make slight adjustments to content that needs only a little work, but leave comments on content that requires major revisions; leave the major editing and revising to our writers.

Do I need to write or edit assignments?

No, you don't need to write or edit assignments as an SME. If you're outlining an article, add the most important details in the assignment box so a writer can create the article based on your qualifications. If you're reviewing an article, you only need to make light revisions to the article's facts if needed. You can put all of your efforts into making sure the content is factually correct so we provide the best and most accurate work to our readers.

Will I get a byline?

It depends on the assignment and client. If you receive a byline, try to make it two to three sentences that best summarize your qualifications as they pertain to the topic.

When will I be paid?

Our SMEs get paid on a net-30 basis. The net-30 timeline starts from when you submit the article. If you want to check the status of your payments, you can click on the Earnings tab in Dante.

How do I get paid?

We've partnered with Tipalti to offer multiple payment options to our SMEs. It's easy to set up and adjust your Tipalti account by clicking on your profile picture or initials on the top left-hand side of any page in Dante. You can read more about setting up your Tipalti account here.

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