How To Get Started as an SME

Welcome to CopyPress! We complete all of our work on our content management system, Dante. In this article, we'll show you how to sign up and navigate some of the main pages in Dante.

Getting Started in Dante

Follow these steps:

1. Register for Dante

You'll receive a link to register for Dante.

2. Complete Your Information

Complete your profile by adding information like your mailing address (for tax purposes), and optional information like your phone number, date of birth, and a profile picture. 

3. We Assign You to the SME User Group

When you sign up, a member of CopyPress will assign you to the SME User Group. There's no need to sign up for any additional user groups on the main page to be an SME. You do not need to complete additional checklists.

4. Complete Your Payment Information

Once you're in Dante as an SME, you can complete your payment information. We use Tipalti for all of our payments. You'll see a banner on your dashboard prompting you to sign up for Tipalti. 

When you click on the banner, you'll go to a page to set up your account.

You can learn more information about setting up Tipalti here.

5. You're Ready for Assignments

Once you have your payment information set up, there's nothing else you need to do. Project Managers will reach out to you directly with assignment offers. 

Areas of Interest

There are a few pages to explore in Dante: 


Your dashboard gives you a snapshot of your Dante account. You can view tasks, messages, earnings, and more on this page. 


No writing or editing is involved when you're an SME. However, if you would like to become a writer, editor, or other creative in our Community, you can complete the process in the Training section. 

Note: You do not need to sign up or take any tests in this section to receive work as an SME.


Review your task invites and content tasks in this section. 

When you receive an invite, you'll get an email that takes you to this page. You'll be able to review the date due, pay, assignment types, and more before accepting or declining the task. You can see more information about accepting and declining tasks here

You can look for current, submitted, upcoming, and completed tasks by clicking on Advanced Filters.


In Content, you can see the campaigns and assignments you've worked on.


You can see all of your payments by assignment, including what has already been paid and what's upcoming. We offer a net-30 payment plan for SMEs, meaning you'll get paid about 30 days after your assignment is approved.

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