Understanding the Editor Onboarding

All editors for CopyPress start out as candidates and are required to complete an onboarding process before they are eligible for assignments. This article walks you through the editor onboarding process, from application to your first paid assignment.

If you want to work as an editor for CopyPress, you'll need to complete the onboarding steps found in the Training Checklist section of Dante.

1. Verify Your Email

The first step after you register will be to verify your email. There will be a notification bar on your training page. To verify, simply go to your email and click the verify email link. After you click the link, the notification will be removed.

2. Select the "Editor" Position To View the Required Steps

If you want to pursue the editor position, select the "Editor" box on your training dashboard.

3. Complete the General Account Information

To get started, click "Complete general account information" in the Editor Certification Checklist to bring up a box with your account information. There are four required fields:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Contact Email
  • Timezone

The other fields are optional but highly recommended. Please take a moment to add an Avatar Image to your account so that our project managers can better identify you.

4. Complete the Editor Questionnaire

Once you complete your general account information, you will complete an editor questionnaire. We want to know what languages you can edit fluently in, what your desired word rate is, and if you've ever worked as an editor for CopyPress in the past. We use your per-word rate to try and offer projects that fall into your range. We may offer you assignments outside your range from time to time, but we do our best to respect your desired pay rate.

5. Take and Pass the Multiple-Choice Test

CopyPress vets all editors for certain skills and knowledge. The first step in this vetting process is to pass a short multiple-choice test. You have approximately 30 minutes to answer 23 multiple-choice questions ranging from general grammar to our company's process and policies. You must score at least a 90% in order to move to the next test.

Once you pass the test, you will return to the training checklist to complete the next step. If you fail the multiple-choice test, you can take it again.

6. Take and Pass the Practical Assessment Test

After you pass the multiple-choice test, you need to complete a practical assessment test. The test will evaluate your ability to find and change spelling, grammatical, and AP style errors. You will also need to comment on errors related to the instructions and style guide. You must make comments when you make changes or want the writer to make revisions. You will be graded on the following: 

  • Ability to find mistakes based on the image, linking, and subheading requirements.
  • Ability to find and change AP style mistakes.
  • Ability to find and change spelling and punctuation mistakes.
  • Ability to find and change basic English grammar mistakes.
  • Ability to give feedback to the writer.

You must resolve all of your comments to approve the article. Once you approve the article, it will go to our QA team for approval.

You should receive a grade along with feedback approximately 2-3 weeks after submission. This timeline may be longer depending on the number of tests in the queue. 

7. Complete W-9 & Payment Information

Once you pass the practical test, the last step is to complete your payment information. CopyPress uses Tipalti to pay all contractors. Through Tipalti, you can choose several payment methods, including PayPal and echeck. You can learn more about setting up your Tipalti account here.

Next Steps...

After you complete your W-9 & Payment Information, you are considered an active editor. Project Managers will reach out to you when they have campaigns available.

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