FTC Disclosures and CopyPress

The FTC's policy on disclosures and endorsements is applicable to bloggers, social influencers, vloggers, and other media outlets. CopyPress advises all influencers to follow FTC policy for disclosures and endorsements. 

What You Need To Know About the FTC Disclosure Policy

In essence, the FTC's policy on disclosures is designed to improve the trust and transparency of advertisements online. If you are being compensated or have a relationship with a brand mentioned in a video, blog article, social media post, or other content form on an asset you own, it should be clearly disclosed. 

Bloggers and the FTC Disclosure Policy

A vast majority of CopyPress influencers are bloggers. Our bloggers may receive sponsored opportunities to write and publish content on their blog. As such, bloggers should take the necessary steps to inform, tag, and communicate that they are being compensated. 

For further information and details on FTC Disclosures please visit this resource

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