Understanding the Contractor Trial Period

This guide will help you understand the trial period as a new community member.

After you complete the onboarding for CopyPress, you will be eligible for paid assignment offers. However, you will still be in a trial period until you have completed five approved assignments for each completed role. Once you have finished your trial period, you will be an active community member and will need to follow our standard disciplinary procedures

Why do we have a trial period after onboarding?

Our onboarding helps vet creatives and mitigate poor quality workers -- but, there are limitations to the onboarding process. We've found that the best way to truly test if a freelancer is right for our community is by working with them on an actual assignment. We also do not expect contractors to work for free.

As a result, we've moved to a trial period of five approved (paid) assignments following the completion of your onboarding. This gives our team ample time to assess a creative's capabilities and professionalism. If you can't follow directions, don't meet the required deadlines, blatantly plagiarize, or commit any number of other fireable offenses, you risk losing your eligibility for that role and other positions. 

What is the trial period?

The trial period is a window following your onboarding within which you and our team have the opportunity to assess our relationship. If you fail to complete the assignments as directed, you may be removed from that position or the entire community. Moreover, if you are not happy with our policies or processes, you can ask to be removed. 

The trial period runs until you have completed five approved assignments. This means you have completed five assignments and those tasks have been reviewed and approved by the project manager. There is no time duration for the trial period, and it can vary depending on the bandwidth of assignments we have available at that time. 

What causes removal during the trial period?

There are several actions that can result in the removal of your eligibility during the trial period. Below are some of the most common. 

  1. You decline the assignments and refuse to perform multiple assignment offers without a viable reason
  2. You let several assignment offers expire without providing valid excuses 
  3. You refuse to work on assignment offers
  4. You accept the assignment(s) and miss the deadline
  5. You accept the assignment(s) and fail to deliver at all
  6. You accept the assignment(s) and email within 24-hours of the deadline that you cannot complete your task(s)
  7. You accept the assignment(s) and score lower than C on multiple tasks

What if I lose eligibility during the trial period?

We use the trial period to vet your capabilities and ability to work within our processes. If you lose eligibility during the trial period, it is because you failed some important step that we require from our community. If you believe you were wrongly terminated during the trial period, you can contact our community directly at Community@CopyPress.com to plead your case with our community manager. 

Note: You will be paid for all completed test assignments unless you plagiarize your work. 

What if I don't want to complete assignments during the trial period?

The trial period is mandatory for all creatives who want to join our freelancer pool. If you do not want to complete the offered assignments, you will not be eligible for ongoing work. We have a growing community of writers, designers, editors, and influencers who are excited to work on paid projects. We cannot exhaust resources to contractors who are not interested in completing assigned offers. Failure to complete assignments during the trial period can result in immediate removal from the position

What if I can't complete the assignments during the trial period?

If you are unable to complete the assignments because of the deadline, your workload, or any number of reasons,  it is your responsibility to notify the project manager with cause after you deny the assignment offers. Again, our resources are stretched, and we cannot contact every creative who fails to accept assignment offers. If you have a valid excuse for denying work, you need to notify the appropriate manager. Failure to provide valid reasoning and multiple denied offers, can result in immediate removal from the position. 

What if the assignment offers expire during the trial period?

Assignment offers have a limited window before the automatically expire. You should approve or deny assignment offers as quickly as you can to avoid an offer auto-expiring. Part of the expectations of our creatives is that they will provide a timely response to assignment offers. Delays in approving or denying offers create delays in the content creation process, which causes missed deadlines. 

If you did not intend to deny an assignment, it is your responsibility to notify the project manager after the assignment expires. In most cases, you will lose an assignment if it auto-expires, as they are set to automatically offer to other contractors once denied. Therefore, you may not have a task reassigned immediately. 

If you let multiple offers expire without a valid reason, you may lose eligibility for that position. 

What if I still have questions?

If you have specific assignment questions, you should contact the project manager listed on your assignments. If you have general questions about the test assignments, please use the form on this page or email Community@CopyPress.com.

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