Understanding the Vacation Mode

This article will outline how to set your Vacation Mode in the new CMS.

What is Vacation Mode?

Vacation Mode is a new feature on your profile that will allow you to communicate your availability directly through the software. If you are going to be unavailable, set your Vacation Mode to "on" and select the date you will be available again. 

What does Vacation Mode do?

Even if Vacation Mode is "on," you may receive assignment offers if the deadline is after your return date. 

Vacation Mode will prevent you from receiving any offers with a due date during your vacation. If the due date for an assignment is after you return, you can still receive offers. 

How do you turn on Vacation Mode?

You will need to set your Vacation Mode to "on" the day you intend on being unavailable. To access the Vacation Mode, navigate to your profile in the CMS.

Click on My Account to access your profile settings. 

Scroll down to the Vacation Mode section and click on edit

Select on, and then pick the date you will become available again. 

Once you click save, you will not be eligible to receive any project offers in the system until the date you provided. Once that date arrives, you will be eligible for work again and may start receiving assignment invites. 

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