Understanding the Decline/Expiry Pop-Up

This article will provide details on the pop-up module when you decline a task or you let a task auto-deny. 

What Is the Decline/Expiry Pop-Up?

The Decline/Denial Pop-Up module is a feature in the CMS that tracks why you declined or let a task auto-deny. It's a short survey that asks you why you declined a specific task or series of tasks for the same campaign. This feature provides insight on the campaign level as to why community members do not accept an assignment offer. 

Why Did We Create This Feature?

We are constantly looking for ways to improve our workflow. Information about declined offers can help us better strategic decisions moving forward. 

For instance, if we discover that 75% of people deny writing for Client A because they are not interested in the work, it likely means there is an issue with the pay or subject matter. We can then use that information to go back to the client and increase the budget. 

Without information on why people decline or deny work, it's difficult for us to modify our client education and improve our process to make it a better experience for our contractors. The feedback you provide is directly used to craft future projects — so please make sure you provide as detailed/accurate feedback as possible. 

How Does It Work?

When you are invited to a task, there are three possible outcomes:

  1. You accept the offer.
  2. You manually decline the offer.
  3. The offer auto-denies because you didn't respond before the offer expired.

The Decline/Denial Pop-Up triggers for outcomes 2 and 3.

You Manually Decline the Offer

When you receive an invite for a task in Dante, you'll be notified in Dante and through an email: 

We ask that our contractors respond to this invitation as quickly as possible so that we can find replacement contractors if you decide not to work on the project.

If you click "Decline Invitation," it will take you to Dante, where you will then see a pop-up module:

This is a short survey asking you why you chose to deny the offer. You'll see details like the assignment name, pay rate, and the date the task was denied. 

You are then prompted to select one answer that best explains why you declined this individual task (or multiple tasks within the same campaign). The available answers are:

  • Not Interested: You are not interested in working on the task (typically because of pay or subject matter).
  • Unavailable: You are not available for work at the time (typically because you have too many other projects or are on vacation).
  • Deadline: You declined the assignment because of the deadline (typically because the due date was too short for you to meet).
  • Accidental: You may have accidentally clicked decline.
  • Other: There's another reason not on the list.

Tasks Auto Deny or Expire

If you do not accept or decline the invitation before the acceptance window, the task will automatically deny and be reassigned to another contractor. 

If one or more of your tasks automatically declines, you will receive a pop-up module when you log back into Dante asking for details on why the assignment auto-denied:

As you can see above, the example includes two tasks within the same campaign. If you decline multiple tasks for the same project or multiple tasks expire, you'll be asked to provide an answer for all the tasks. 

The same as manually declining an offer, select one reason why you let the tasks expire.

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