Understanding the Payment Process and Timelines

The article below helps you understand the payment policy and net terms for our contractors.

What Is the Net Payment Terms Policy?

Using net payment terms is a common payment-issuing practice for business contracts. It's an agreement by which payment is issued at a future date (either upon receipt of an invoice or completion of work). CopyPress has net-30 and net-90 payments policies, depending on the contractor type, which means that contractors can expect to receive payment approximately 30 or 90 days after the week an assignment is approved. Your work is not considered complete until it has been approved by the client, and you may receive edit requests after you submit an article.

For example, if your assignment is approved on Monday, January 1, 2022, you will be paid approximately 90 days from Friday, January 4, 2022. The 90-day window starts from the Friday of the week you submit the article.

Please note that you will need to register with Tipalti, a payment platform that lets you choose different payment methods such as ACH, wire transfer, eCheck, physical check, and PayPal. 

When Is Work Approved?

Contractors will have an assignment due date when they take on a project. You can see the due date in the assignment details. After you submit an assignment, it goes through an approval process. Work is not approved until it has been reviewed and signed off by the client. This can take up to 30 days from the date you submit.

You can track the approval process in the Timeline tab.

Why Does CopyPress Have a Net Payment Policy?

The payment window protects CopyPress and its contractors. Clients have 30 days from the time work is submitted to request a revision. If we paid for work prior to it being client approved, we could face issues requesting revisions. Additionally, clients typically pay CopyPress on net terms, which means we receive payment from clients after work is approved. The window ensures that the work is client-approved and we've received payment from the client for the completed assignment.

When Will I Be Paid for Work?

Payments are sent during two windows of each month (buckets) in various batches — either the first half (1st-15th) or the second half (16th-end of the month). When your assignment is approved, you'll be added to a pay period. You'll be assigned a pay bucket before the payment is issued. This will give you time to communicate any issues or discrepancies with what our records indicate for that assignment. 

Pay periods are labeled in the format of Month(window) followed by the batch and pay format. For instance: May's pay period format would be 5(1) or 5(2) followed by the batch number.

Where Can I See My Payments?

You can view and track all your payments and the pay periods your work is assigned in your earnings summary window.

This window shows you all of your completed tasks and your earnings report. You can see what has been paid or what hasn't been paid in the top right panel. 

Down the page, you will also see each individual assignment and a breakdown of information associated with each assignment: payment amount, the date it was processed (only after it's been processed), payment method, and pay bucket.

Note: "Completed on" indicates the date you completed your task, not the date the actual assignment was approved. You'll need to refer to the Activity Log page shown above to see the assignment approval date.

Will I Be Notified When Payments Are Processed?

Yes, you will receive an email from us when your payments have been issued.

What Do I Do if Payments Are Late?

If you are assigned a pay period and you have not received notification that your payment was sent prior to your window, please contact us at payments@copypress.com. Please note that as outlined in our Terms & Conditions, in our docs, and on the multiple-choice test, if your approved assignment has not exceeded the net window (from the week you submitted the assignment), your payments are not considered late.

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