What is Anchor Text?

While working for CopyPress, you may hear the phrase " Anchor Text" used in the assignment directions or Style Guide. 

Quite simply, the " Anchor Text" refers to the text used when hyperlinking to a resource. 

Types of Anchor Text

We have two types of anchor text for our copy. 


A branded anchor text should include the brand name in a keyword phrase.

"If you are looking to jumpstart your career as a freelancer, consider joining  the CopyPress Community."


A natural anchor text should not include the brand name. Instead, include the link naturally in a phrase based on the most relevant text to the client link.

"If you are looking to jumpstart your career as a freelancer, there are  plenty of quality freelancing communities for you to join."

Good Examples

Bad Examples

  • Email marketing has changed substantially over the last five years; click here to see how.
    • "Click here", "link", "check out"  are all poor anchor texts because they break away the fluidity of the sentence. 
  • If you want to improve your lead acquisition, try creating a compelling landing page like www.copypress.com.
    • You should not use a domain or URL as anchor text.

Often, you'll be given instructions on how to properly integrate anchor text into your content. If no specific instructions are provided, the general rule of thumb for using effective anchor text is to apply the resource link naturally in the sentence based on the most relevant text to that resource. 

Adding Anchor Text in the CMS

Adding links and anchor text in the CMS is easy.

Step 1: Highlight the anchor text you want to use for the hyperlink in the sentence.

Step 2: Click the "Insert link" icon and complete the relevant fields.

REMEMBER: Always select "Open in new tab"

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