Frequently Asked Questions

Who Can Apply?

There are no restrictions on applying for the CopyPress creative community. We accept anyone who is interested in freelance work:

  • Writer
  • Editor
  • Influencer
  • Designer
  • Developer

While a majority of our work is U.S. English based, you can live outside the U.S. and still apply to be a part of our community. You will be tested on your capabilities, which will determine what, if any, work you can be assigned.

What If I'm Not Fluent in English?

We currently require all contractors to communicate in English. The vast majority of our work is completed in English. While we occasionally have projects in different languages, all communication is in English.

Can I Work for Other Companies?

Yes. All our freelancers are free to work with whomever they want in addition to CopyPress.

How Do Taxes Work?

Any U.S. contractor who earned at least $600 during the calendar year will be sent a 1099 prior to January 31st of the subsequent year. It is your responsibility to file your taxes. if you notice any discrepancy with your 1099 and/or your records, please contact immediately.

Is It Free To Apply for the CopyPress Community?

Yes, registering for the CopyPress community is free to anyone. If you are a creative looking for ways to generate additional revenue, then we strongly encourage you to sign up and work with CopyPress. 

What Is the NDA?

The non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is part of our contractor agreement, which is required for anyone working in our community. The NDA is also known as a confidentiality agreement, meaning that you are not legally able to publicly discuss any details about our professional arrangement, including but not limited to:

  • The names of clients that you work with
  • Any information outlined in project offers
  • Details associated with any pending or completed assignments
  • Emails between you and CopyPress

How and When Do I Get Paid?

We pay contractors by check or PayPal, depending on their country. Payments are issued roughly 90 days after the week an assignment is submitted. You will receive an invoice notification prior to payment being issued. 

Read more about payments.

Why Does it Take 90 Days To Receive Payment?

The 90-day payment window for contractor work is a policy that protects CopyPress and its contractors. Clients have 30 days from the time work is submitted to request a revision. If we paid for work prior to it being client approved, we'd face issues ordering revisions. Additionally, clients typically pay CopyPress on net terms, which means we receive payment from clients some time after work is approved. The 90-day window ensures that the work is client approved and we've received payment from the client for the completed assignment. 

Can I Receive Direct Deposit?

Adding the ability for direct deposit is on our roadmap, but we do not currently have that option. Right now, we offer check payments to U.S.-based contractors and PayPal payments for all non-U.S.-based contractors.

How Much Can I Earn?

Your earning potential is completely dependent on your abilities. The more quality work you deliver, the more likely you are to receive additional assignments.We also allow contractors to stipulate their pay rates during the onboarding process ⁠— so, the more reasonable your rates, the more eligible you will be for assignment offers.

You can find more about rates by viewing these resources:

Do Clients Own the Copyright to the Content?

Yes. When working with CopyPress, any assignments you submit are owned by CopyPress and subsequently, transferred to clients. This means you do not have permission to republish or redistribute content without the explicit consent of CopyPress.

What Is Your Policy on Plagiarism?

We check all articles for duplication and plagiarism issues. If you are caught purposely plagiarising, you may be warned or fired, depending on the severity. Outside of syndicated assignments, all submitted work should be completely unique.

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