Understanding Editorial Feedback, Edit Requests, and Writer Grading Rubrics

Dante has been built to support intuitive feedback and grading. Editors grade writers on the quality of their work, writers can submit comments and feedback to editors and project managers, and editors can request revisions directly in the assignment window. This article provides a quick look at editorial feedback, edit requests, and the writer grading rubrics.

Editorial Feedback

Editors may submit feedback to writers through the comment box in Dante. The feedback will be sent via email to the writer and will also be visible in the comment box in the Assignment window.

Editors are encouraged to provide feedback to writers.

All feedback provided by editors must be:

  • Helpful and motivating.
  • Not condescending or belittling.
  • Professional and courteous.

Edit Requests

In some instances, editors may submit Edit Requests with their feedback.

You will select the task for which you are requesting an edit. This will typically be "Article-Writing," which will send the assignment back to the writer. You will then need to provide a comment on the edit request.

Editors should NOT request an edit if there are simple mistakes they can correct themselves. If editors find that they regularly need to submit edit requests due to major issues, they should alert their project manager.

Editors should only request an edit if the writer:

  1. Did not follow explicit instructions specified in the style guide or individual article assignment.
  2. Had an extraneous number of grammatical or formatting errors that would take longer than three minutes per 100 words for the editor to fix.
  3. Turned in work that was of significantly poor quality.

In an edit request, editors must give a detailed explanation of the unsatisfactory elements of the article and advise the writer on how to fix the issues.

Before you submit an edit request, make sure you have reviewed the entire article and provided all requested edits in one comment. You can also use this resource to format your edit requests and feedback. 

Writers must incorporate the feedback into their assignment and resubmit the article within 24 hours. A failure to apply editorial feedback to an assignment and submit it within the given time frame may result in a loss of writing privileges and nonpayment.

Writer Grading Rubrics

Editors may be required to submit a quick survey grading the writer and the specific assignment.

These various surveys are used to collect better information about the quality of our writers. We ask that you answer these questions honestly and as accurately as possible. In addition to the editors reviewing the writers they work with, our QA members will review the editors based on how well they edited the content. These performance ratings are visible to everyone working on the assignment inside the Comments widget.

Writer/Editor Conflict

Writers should incorporate all feedback from editors into their content. In the event that a writer does not agree with the editor’s comments, they should continue to follow the editor’s instructions. Once the assignment is complete, the writer may submit a formal complaint to the project manager listed on the assignment.

In the event that a writer will not follow an editor’s direction, the editor should immediately notify their project manager with a detailed account of the event.

Most disputes between a writer and editor will be handled once the assignment is complete and a formal complaint has been filed.

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